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Open Source IoT Service Platform

"By connecting people, devices and insights in a unified and open IoT consciousness,
Senti will shape our future and reward sustainability."

Senti attended IoT Week in Aarhus from 17-21 of June. Check our LinkedIn page for more about event activities

What is Senti?

Senti is an open source IoT Service Platform that offers a unified cloud service for collecting, processing, and visualising data.


Senti is helping public and private decision makers and citizens dramatically improve insights to create sustainable decisions and behaviours.


We do this by actively visualising and benchmarking IoT and open Smart City data.





Gain high quality of service in your IoT landscape

Monitor IoT data anywhere


Visualise your IoT data anywhere - on your desktop, mobile app, Apple Watch, or office TV. 


If you want to keep your team up to date on your sustainable metrics with a wall-mounted TV, or check specific IoT sensors state and benchmarks during your morning training from your phone, Senti delivers real-time facts to you.

Customised insight

Dashboards targeted to the individual user
allows you to transform IoT data into data-driven insights through user-friendly and customised visual snapshots


You can explore and analyse data in a single visual image and share your Dashboards with colleagues, customers, or citizens.

Notifications and alerts

Let relevant users receive preemptive 
warnings and intelligent recommendations exactly when it matters the most.


Notifications at the right time and place, create overview, insight and opportunity to respond to important changes in the environment you collect data.

Get Started Now


Apply for a Free Trial and start discovering how Senti can help your IoT solution on the right path. Whether you just want to monitor metrics or you want to contribute to sustainability with our benchmarking tools, it's easy and free getting started. 



Want to know more?


Not ready to get a free trial, and just want to explore more about Senti, we fully understand. IoT solutions can seem a bit intimidating in the beginning, we've all been there. Discover all the core features of Senti in our feature section before you decide.



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