Til kamp for bæredygtig adfærd og grøn omstilling

- Spil med dit energiforbrug


“We Play to Win, We Act to Survive”

Are you interested in sustainability

and how we can use technology to change our climate?

Do you want to make a difference through Your daily energy consumption?

Senti is developing senti.act which is a mobile “gamification” app and community with access to residence energy consumption data.

We need Your help and ideas to get insight into how our behaviours can be changed through a game based on real-life data, and how we can be more mindful of our energy consumption.

We are creating this event for getting feedback and insight from You and use Your wisdom and insight to fulfill our mission of reducing CO2-emissions.


Program for the day

Kl. 09:00  Welcome!

Kl. 09:05  What is Senti

Kl. 09:15  Our vision for senti.act

Kl. 09:35  Lunch break

Kl. 09:45  Group discussions and idea generation

Kl. 10:45  Surveys & Feedback

Kl. 11:15  Wrap up and introduction to part II

Kl. 12:30  Thank you for today

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